Carl Morgan – General Manager Agreement

SDM Live Music Group, LLC General Manager Agreement

This Agreement, dated as of 08/18/2021, is between SDMLIVE MUSIC GROUP LLC MUSIC GROUP LLC, and Carl Morgan and shall become fully effective on 08/18/2021. Both parties agree to the following terms and conditions of this contract.

WHEREAS, Carl Morgan will serve as the General Manager of the SDMLIVE MUSIC GROUP LLC recording Studio’s starting on 08/18/2021; and

WHEREAS, Carl Morgan will be involved in all decisions that pertains to the services, growth, direction, policies and mechanics of the management of the music studio only; and

WHEREAS, Carl Morgan will serve as General Manager/SDMLIVE MUSIC GROUP LLC main Engineer but not limited to; and, WHEREAS, both parties hereto agree to the terms of said continued partnership;

Duties of General Manager. Carl Morgan is to conduct business in a professional manner in line with SDMLIVE MUSIC GROUP LLC code of ethics. No smoking inside of facilities, guests are not allow to be soliciting outside of studio and around studio bathroom areas. The Main Door is to be locked at all times especially when guests enter and leave the building. General Manager duties may also involve opening and locking up for other guests, producers, and engineers. Carl Morgan is to make sure that the facilities are properly secured and locked down after each session begins and ends.

Compensation. From the date first written above through 08/18/2021 Carl Morgan will be paid through RCM booking site, as clients will pay for and book time through the website. The system in place will deposit monies direct deposit to Carl Morgan’s account. Any clients outside of SDMLIVE MUSIC GROUP LLC to use facilities will be negotiable for personal clients of Carl Morgan. Carl Morgan is considered a 1099 subcontractor of SDMLIVE MUSIC GROUP LLC corporation.

Expenses. Carl Morgan shall be reimbursed for any actual out-of-pocket expenses that may occur to enhance the music studio but must first be approved by SDMLIVE MUSIC GROUP LLC management team.

Termination. SDMLIVE MUSIC GROUP LLC will only terminate services "Cause" for termination shall be defined for purposes of this Agreement to include: (i) malfeasance; (ii) gross negligence; (iii) fraud; (iv) serious misconduct;(v) inability to perform the essential functions of the studio in a neglectful manner. (vi) insubordination, (vii) theft or attempted theft; (viii) material dishonesty; (ix) willful or persistent material breach of duties; (x) engaging in unlawful discrimination or harassment of employees or any third party while on SDMLIVE MUSIC GROUP LLC premises or time.

Liability. Carl Morgan shall receive a key to entrance and also to the music studio. If no other SDMLIVE MUSIC GROUP LLC management team is on the premises, then Carl Morgan is responsible for securing the building facilities. If determined that Carl Morgan's inability to secure the premises led to any damage or theft including studio equipment then Carl Morgan agrees to be fully financially responsible for any theft, loss, or damages on the property of 24399 Telegraph Rd. Southfield Michigan, 48033.

Contract Duration. The duration for this contract is for one year starting on 08/18/2021, under which both parties can renegotiate terms on renewal of contract.

General Manager information:

Legal Full Name: Carl Morgan

Phone: (313) 955-4491


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Carl Morgan and SDMLIVE MUSIC GROUP LLC have executed this Agreement the date first above written.

SDMLIVE MUSIC GROUP LLC (Broadcaster) representative
Donele Bailey - C.E.O


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