Clifford Wallace III – Channel Contract Agreement

SDM FLIX, LLC Channel Broadcasting Agreement

This is an agreement between Plug and Play Studios LLC and SDM FLIX, LLC hereinafter referred to as (Broadcaster), granting the (Broadcaster) the rights to publish the television/film productions owned by Plug and Play Studios LLC. This agreement goes into effect after the first production published by the Broadcaster. Both parties agree to the following terms set forth:

1. This agreement grants (Broadcaster) the license right to broadcast and/or rebroadcast the television/film productions owned by Plug and Play Studios LLC and to be broadcasted and/or rebroadcasted on the television/film outlets set forth by (Broadcaster) including but not limited to; Roku TV, Fire TV, Apple TV, and other digital television incorporated, or outlets set forth by (Broadcaster).

2. Plug and Play Studios LLC shall have liability insurance coverage sufficient to hold the (Broadcaster) harmless from any accident claim that may result from the action of the broadcaster’s employees or agents, malfunction of equipment, collapse of platform, or any other structure or device which is the property or responsibility of the (Broadcaster) or its agent.

3. Plug and Play Studios LLC agree and swear that its company own 100% of the rights to all television/film production submitted to (Broadcaster) for publishing.

4. Plug and Play Studios LLC agree to pay a subscription maintenance fee of $100.00 per month for 12 months to maintain the Plug and Play Studios LLC channel on the broadcasting networks. Please note: Subscription maintenance fees are subjected to change per year. All fees must be up-to-date per month to receive revenue shareholder payouts.

5. Plug and Play Studios LLC will produce television/film content that will be suitable for the network quality standards to be aired by the (Broadcaster) on the television network set forth by (Broadcaster).

6. Plug and Play Studios LLC will earn a 3% profit share on all earnings including channel merchandise net sales and television advertisement profits of the net sales earned from SDM FLIX, LLC and other channel partners and will be paid on a monthly basis via direct deposit or other payment option issued by the (Broadcaster). First profit share payment will be issued by (Broadcaster) after 60 days from the date of production publication. Plug and Play Studios LLC will also earn one hundred percent (100%) of the direct commercial advertising and sponsorships on the Plug and Play Studios LLC channel referred by Plug and Play Studios LLC.

7. (Broadcaster) will promote the television/film production produced by Plug and Play Studios LLC on the SDM FLIX network platform throughout the United States using but not limited too; emailing/texting subscribers, by social media platforms and other broadcasting networks set forth by (Broadcaster).

8. This contract is binding to confidentiality throughout the filming of the productions and will not be displayed to the public until published by (Broadcaster) as agreed release date set forth by both parties.

9. This agreement becomes binding when the agreement is signed by the (Broadcaster) representative and Plug and Play Studios LLC.

10. (Broadcaster) has agreed to publish the productions owned by Plug and Play Studios LLC within the year 2021 of the finale production.

11. The duration of this contract will be enforced for 12 months with the option to renew after 12 months.

12. (Broadcaster) and Plug and Play Studios LLC will be the sole owners of any film or television productions produced together and will retaining the rights of the film or television productions for a duration of a lifetime.

Contact information:

Legal Full Name: Clifford Wallace III

Phone: (248) 979-3639


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Plug and Play Studios LLC Representative and (Broadcaster) have executed this Agreement the date first above written.

SDM FLIX, LLC (Broadcaster) representative
Donele Bailey - C.E.O


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Signed by Clifford Wallace on Thu Aug 19 2021 10:35:14 GMT-0400 (EDT)
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